Second Sunday Contra Dance, April 2017

Our April 2017 dance at the Veterans Memorial Building in Santa Cruz will be our annual Open Band / Open Mic Contra Dance!

The band is open to all musicians who can play the tunes. If you don’t know all the tunes you can bounce back and forth between the band and the dance floor—best of both worlds! Jim Oakden and awesome fiddler Shira Kammen will be anchoring the band.

There is also an open mic for the callers, so the dance will feature both established veteran callers and enthusiastic up-and-comers. Kelsey Hartman–caller extraordinaire–is organizing the callers.

If you’re interested in participating as either a musician or caller, you MUST let us know in advance (see below). If you sign up in advance you get free admission (there will be a gate list). All band members need to arrive shortly after 5 for a talk-through and sound check.

Interested in joining the band? Email: . In your email, include your first and last name (for the gate list), the instrument(s) you play, and your approximate experience level: advanced beginner (can play half the tunes), intermediate (can play all the tunes), advanced (can play all the tunes and can take solos with a mic). The tunes have to be played at dance tempo: ~120 bpm. You can download this PDF which has the list of tunes and the written music we’ll be playing. If you don’t read dots, everything is easily findable by searching on YouTube.

Interested in calling a dance? Fill out this form.

Hope you can make it!

About Our Contra Dances

Everyone is welcome! Partners and dancing experience are not necessary. Each of the dozen or so dance forms during the evening are taught and prompted (except for the waltz and hambo).

Beginner’s Workshop:  dancers are encouraged to attend the beginner’s lesson at 5:40. Regular dancing begins at 6:00 (dances can get more complex as the night goes on).

Admission: Suggested admission donation is $12 regular, $8 for full-time students w/student ID card. Discounts for volunteers.

Wear: Comfortable, non-marking shoes to protect your feet and our floors – a separate pair of dance shoes works best. You’ll be more comfortable in loose-fitting light-weight clothing.

Please note that many dancers are very sensitive to fragrances and body odor and that our dances are fragrance-free events (read more).