Contra Cruz 2019 – special extended contra dance! Backwater Boys w Susan Petrick calling

Special extended dance at Veterans Memorial Building!  5:00-9:00 p.m., with a free beginner lesson starting at 4:40 p.m.

Susan Petrick calls to Backwater Boys (Rodney Miller fiddle, Chris Knepper mandolin and fiddle, Charlie Hancock accordian and piano).

Suggested admission donation is $16 regular, $20 for supporters, $10 for full-time students.  Cash, check, or Paypal only.  This dance will feature traditional dance roles (gents/ladies).

About Our Contra Dances

Everyone is welcome! Partners and dancing experience are not necessary. Each of the dozen or so dance forms during the evening are taught and prompted (except for the waltz and hambo).

Beginner’s Workshop:  dancers are encouraged to attend the beginner’s lesson at 4:40. Regular dancing begins at 6:00 (dances can get more complex as the night goes on).

Wear: Comfortable, non-marking shoes to protect your feet and our floors – a separate pair of dance shoes works best. You’ll be more comfortable in loose-fitting light-weight clothing.

Please note that many dancers are very sensitive to fragrances and body odor and that our dances are fragrance-free events (read more).