TDSC is a nonprofit educational organization that is dedicated to the preservation, study, teaching, enjoyment, and continuing evolution of traditional and historical dance, music, and song, including folk and popular musical forms from a variety of ethnic and cultural traditions, especially contra / traditional New England folk dancing and English country dance.

Upcoming Dances

Our next dance is scheduled for Friday, 4/18. It will be held at the Live Oak Grange, 1900 17th Ave.

Music will be provided by Peak Nouveau, and the dance will be called by Warren Blier.

6:00 Help set up
6:40 Beginner's lesson
7:00 - 10:00 Dance
8:30 Snack break
10:00 Clean-up
10:30 Lock-up and leave

$12 general with discounts for members and students.
Please dance in soft-soled non-marking shoes to ease the wear on your feet and on the floor.


Everyone is welcome! Partners and dancing experience are not necessary.

There is an optional Beginner's Workshop offered 20 minutes before each dance.

Wear comfortable, non-marking shoes to protect your feet and our floors - a seperate pair of dance shoes works best.
You'll be more comfortable in loose-fitting light-weight clothing.

Each of the dozen or so dance forms during the evening are taught and prompted, except for the waltz and hambo.

Network with TDSC

You can subscribe to our announcement e-list for reminders of each contra event, along with other occasional notices. For transportation coordination with other dancers, subscribe to the TDSC carpool e-list. For community building options, you can join our Facebook group, which is also sometimes used for transportation coordination, and check out the Community Boards section of this website - you must register and log in to see anyone's comments.

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